Why Get Accident-Protection for Electronics

These days many people purchase electronics online or from department stores and don’t purchase the insurance, or accident-forgiveness plan, along with the product. This may be the cheapest route in the moment, but over the long term this choice may end up costing people that don’t think it’s worth it to go ahead and upgrade their product with an insurance plan.

I experienced this same type of situation this past week. I have a Microsoft Surface 3 and it fell while in its case. I assumed that everything was fine since it was in the case, after all. However, upon returning home I discovered that there was a crack on the display that made the cursor act up and do some wild things.

Now, this Surface 3 was a gift. I assumed there was no insurance of any kind for the product. I took it to Best Buy with the intention of getting a quote from their Geek Squad to see how expensive it would be for them to fix it. I found out that my Surface 3 had accident-forgiveness on it. What a relief! A couple days ago I got sent my new tablet, and am enjoying a new product with the factory settings and a cleanslate.

Why Accident-Protection is So Important
Save Money in Case of an Accident

No matter what store you buy your electronics from, purchasing an accident-forgiveness plan can save money in case of an accident. There are lots of accidents that can happen to a certain electronic device. Smartphones can drop and hit the sidewalk or fall in a pool. Tablets can hit the pavement (like mine did). Kids can run into a TV, knocking it to the floor. Each of these cases are a great opportunity to take advantage of an accident-forgiveness plan. That is, if you signed up for one when you purchased the item.

Get a New Product Quickly

The Geek Squad at Best Buy sent my product out almost right away. I had it within four days of my trip into Best Buy. One of the other reasons to get accident-forgiveness with a product is that the new product will be shipped out quickly. There’s no waiting for a new laptop, smartphone, or tablet for weeks, as work continues to pile up because you don’t have a device to do it on. Many stores that offer accident-forgiveness also expedite the shipping so that the customer can get their new product fast.

Avoid Buying a Product All Over Again

The biggest thing I was worried about after my Surface 3 hit the ground was that I would have to buy a new one. They still cost about $400, so that probably wasn’t going to happen. I was going to be doing my work on my old MacBook. Thankfully, I didn’t have to buy a whole new product. I just had to head over to Best Buy and cash in on the insurance policy that was purchased along with my Surface 3. That’s why not having to purchase a brand new product is one of the best parts about an insurance policy on electronics.

Some insurance policies may cover lots of malfunctions with a certain electronic device, like if it breaks on its own due to a factory default. However, many policies won’t cover an accident like a drop or fall. That’s why the “accident-forgiveness” policy is so important to get. Be sure to purchase your electronics from a store that offers a plan like this. That way you can be like me, and get a new product free-of-charge when yours hits the ground!