What Happened in the Latest Episode of the Walking Dead

The latest episode of The Walking Dead, Hostiles and Calamites, aired on February 26th. There are a lot of people who saw this episode and were more or less displeased. The truth is that there doesn’t seem to be a lot happening so far in this season. People are wanting the Rick Grimes Gang to get its vengeance on Negan for how he killed Abraham and Glenn. The bad news is that it doesn’t seem to be happening all that soon.

The good news is that it will certainly happen eventually. It shouldn’t be too long before Rick and his friends have their vengeance on The Saviors. There are a lot of people who want this to happen sooner rather than later, but hopefully it doesn’t happen any later than next season.

In the last episode we saw a new community come around, who agrees to fight Negan and The Saviors in exchange for guns. This episode spends its time focusing on The Saviors and the experiences of Eugene in their compound.

What Happened in the Walking Dead

Sherry Escaped Along with Daryl

The first major piece of news we get is that Sherry, Dwight’s ex-wife, escaped along with Daryl. It can be assumed that she was the one who unlocked the door so that Daryl could escape, and then used his escape as the distraction she needed to escape herself. She was obviously frustrated in her role as a wife of Negan, who treats them terribly.

Eugene Impresses Negan

Eugene is the one who name the bullet that Rosita used to try and shoot Negan. The bullet got stuck in Negan’s bat, and when Negan and The Saviors returned to their compound, they took Eugene with them.

As we all know, Eugene is an expert on all sorts of science things. In talking with Negan, he resurrects he old lie he told about belonging to the Human Genome Project and being in D.C. trying to find a cure for the zombie apocalypse. He impresses Negan when he gives him an idea on how to keep the walkers on the fence from falling apart by encasing them in liquid metal.

Negan’s Wives Like Eugene

After Negan is impressed with Eugene, he agrees to let Eugene spend the night with some of his wives, he just can’t have sex with them. They keep him company and watch him play video games, have a conversation with him, and go outside as he impresses them with his chemistry tricks. Eventually they return, asking him to help their friend commit suicide who is extremely unhappy living under the care of Negan.

Dwight is Turning

The episode actually begins with Negan having his men beat Dwight. Dwight then spends a night a cell so that Negan can question him and make sure that he wasn’t the one who let Sherry go. When Dwight proves to Negan that he didn’t do it, he is sent out to look for Sherry. He goes to the house where they agreed to meet up, and finds that she has already been there and left him a note, saying she didn’t trust him enough to stay there because she didn’t know what he would do to her. It’s obvious that this took its toll on Dwight.

The last thing that occurs is Negan burns the doctor alive in the furnace in the big common room. Although nothing major occurred in this episode, it still setup Dwight as a potential defector against Negan and The Saviors. He may prove a valuable ally for Rick and his friends.

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